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An Economist (PhD) and a Professor (Part-time) at the Carleton University, Canada. The author of "No PhDs Please: This is Canada." Besides doing research on serious economic and policy issues for the last 25 years, like to write journalistic pieces on subjects of interest. An amateur Photographer. ... Blog appears to be appropriate venue to post my wondering thoughts without any peer pressure and academic review process.

Harper the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History: Is there any room for debate?

Brief bio: Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative government and Prime Minister for nine-and-a-half years: 2006-2008 (minority government); 2008-2011 (minority government); 2011-2015 (majority government). A reclusive, secretive, evangelical, controlling and even vindictive person. A polarizing figure with high negativity. Machiavellian … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Democracy vs Dictatorship

  This is part of ongoing research on Pakistan. Based on key economic factors, choice between civilian and military rule is clear for the country. Let data speak for itself…

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Long Exposure (Slow Shutter) ND and IR Filter Factor Table

When you use Neutral Density or Infrared filters, the challenge is to get the right exposure, because you cannot see anything from viewfinder. Camera meter reading would be misleading. Solutions: Camera must be on Tripod with Cable Release Choose Quality … Continue reading

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Freedom of Expression or Sheer Hypocrisy

At the outset, let me say this categorically that anyone having a shred of humanity will not resist in condemning the deadly terrorist attack on the journalists of Charlie Hebdo on January 7th in Paris. However, instead of analyzing the ghastly attack … Continue reading

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Great Photos: Selection from SAHEL

Five photos below are © Sebastiao Salgado, SAHEL: The End of the Road, 1996 (University of California Press).

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Israelis Talking Points on Gaza that No Western (especially American) Journalist Dare to Question

If one watches and listens to the interviews of Israeli spokespersons or so called experts (who are basically Israeli sympathizers) from veteran journalists of  leading networks like CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS,  one feels nauseating and the blood boiling. No … Continue reading

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Israel the Victim: Why Does World Not See How Humane and Caring We Are for Palestinians

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, our beloved Prime Minister truly reflects the views of millions of Israelis. We are astonished why the world fails to understand Israeli love and compassion for Palestinians’ recent air strikes and ground attack against Gaza. Simply, to stop Hamas … Continue reading

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