Israelis Talking Points on Gaza that No Western (especially American) Journalist Dare to Question

If one watches and listens to the interviews of Israeli spokespersons or so called experts (who are basically Israeli sympathizers) from veteran journalists of  leading networks like CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS,  one feels nauseating and the blood boiling. No journalist will ask hard questions and throw counterpoints to Israeli’s broken scripted talking points: “Israel is a peaceful, humane and the only democratic country” in the region. “We never target civilians and nor we kill the playing and sleeping children.” “It is Hamas which is killing and dropping rockets on their own people and destroying their own infrastructure,” because they are self-genocidal. In other words, Israel’s thousands of laser guided precision rockets are falling in the deserts and oceans or precisely on heads of Hamas militants. Death and injuries of thousands of Gaza children, women and innocent men (which is live on TVs and other media devices) are all our illusion.

“Hamas is terrorizing innocent Israeli civilians by firing rockets indiscriminately”. That is true. In a war against Goliath, what can one expect from homemade crude rockets? Why the West does not   give laser guided precision weapons to Hamas? And then see, where those modern rockets fall: do they destroy Israel’s military assets or instead, kill civilians. If it is later, then blame Hamas.

“Hamas militants and rocket launchers are hiding themselves among civilians in schools and UN designated areas.” Simple question (that no American journalist will dare to ask): how many rockets Israel has actually destroyed in UN-run safe houses where stocks of weapons and rockets were allegedly hidden?  How come no western journalist and/or UN observer were able to find any evidence of their presence in those premises? While there is a clear evidence from all know sources that thousands of innocent civilians have been killed by Israelis’ brutal and indiscriminate bombings. Further, if Israeli’s bombing is so successfully in destroying those stacked and hidden weapons, how come Hamas is still continuing firing rockets?

Hiding Weapons

Who taught the world to hide weapons in mosque/synagogue

To bolster their claims, Israelis cite “three UN sites,” where Hamas’ hidden weapons were found. According to UN deputy secretary on CNN, such Israelis assertions were simply erroneous. Those sites were long abandoned by the UN and Israelis knew them well. Moreover, UN is not in a business of keeping accounts, collecting or destroying weapons.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization.” But Hamas was elected fairly and squarely in the presence of western observers and representatives. In other words, all Gazans’ who elected Hamas are terrorists. Not too long ago, the creators of Israel were terrorists (most notably, Prime Ministers Begin and Samir) as labeled by British, but Britain negotiated with them. Unfortunately at the same time, Britain in collusion with other western powers, carved the biggest injustice in the history of mankind: creation of Israel to cleanse the European sinful souls from Holocaust atrocities.

“Destruction of Israel is in Hamas charter.” The fact is that Hamas wants two states and truce with Israel for next fifty years and then want to determine the next course. Even it is in Hamas charter, it is meaningless without any teeth. No one asks: will Hamas or Palestinians ever become so powerful to challenge or destroy Israel? The fact is that even putting together all human, military and financial resources of that region, hardly anything negative would happen to Israel in any concrete way. Most important, no journalist ever asks: what about Israel’s own charter, where it is written clearly never to allow creation of Palestine as an independent state.

“Hamas has a network of sophisticated tunnels.” Any society to sustain and run its economy needs free movements of its goods and services. When you seal and seize their activities above the ground, those activities are bound to move underground, but primarily to meet daily necessities and to resist continued occupation.

This war on Gaza started with the pretext that Hamas killed three Israeli teenagers, without any iota of proof. If one looks at recent history, Hamas always capture and keep Israelis as hostage, because as a hostage, one Israeli is thousand times more valuable than that of a dead one. No wonder, independent investigators in future may prove that the tragedy of three dead Israeli teenagers was the product of Israelis own extremists. So they can force the government to unleash terror on Palestinians. And that’s what has happened exactly. In retaliation, Israeli settlers killed an innocent Gaza teenager in most monstrous and gruesome manner and to which Israel admitted.

How cruel one can be. First, Israel warns Gaza civilians in advance to leave their homes and take protections in UN designated schools or premises, done in coordination with Israel. And then Israel bombard those schools together with any object moving or standing. Is it Israel’s goal to kill maximum number of innocents because this way Palestinians are basically sitting like ducks?

Even with Hamas continued rocket launching, question: is it effective. According to Israelis themselves, it has hardly of any material consequences, except psychological terror. Israel’s Iron Dome system, first analyzes target of each launched rocket. If it falls in remote, unpopulated, desert or ocean (that’s what happened in 80% cases) system does not intercept and let rockets to fall. It is only in cases where rockets have possibility of falling on Israeli infrastructure, assets and civilians that the system intercepts and destroy those rockets. And this is abundantly clear by a few dead, injured Israeli civilians and their destroyed property as compared to thousand dead, injured civilians and wonton destruction of their properties in Gaza from Israelis (a hell of) laser guided precision rockets.

It is obvious that people in Gaza have two choices: either to continue to have a daily life of sustained pain, subjugation and humiliation due to Israel’s cruel and iron clad blockade (which has been going on for the last seven years) or to die quickly with excruciating pain but with dignity. It would not be unwise to take the second route. This could better be achieved by all Gaza men, women and children marching together peacefully towards Israeli borders and breaking all the barriers and walls by whatever means they have at their disposal. Let Israelis use their most sophisticated arsenal and best trained (humane) army kill to stop them. And those Palestinians who survive can breathe freely and world can seriously look for a respectable solution. If most Palestinians are dead, the world will see a live Holocaust in circa 2014 through TVs and other media devices.

© Mahmood Iqbal and 2014




About Mahmood Iqbal

An Economist (PhD) and a Professor (Part-time) at the Carleton University, Canada. The author of "No PhDs Please: This is Canada." Besides doing research on serious economic and policy issues for the last 25 years, like to write journalistic pieces on subjects of interest. An amateur Photographer. ... Blog appears to be appropriate venue to post my wondering thoughts without any peer pressure and academic review process.
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