Israel the Victim: Why Does World Not See How Humane and Caring We Are for Palestinians

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, our beloved Prime Minister truly reflects the views of millions of Israelis. We are astonished why the world fails to understand Israeli love and compassion for Palestinians’ recent air strikes and ground attack against Gaza. Simply, to stop Hamas who is bent upon bringing a bigger catastrophe on its own people in the future.

Why the world does not feel the pain and the suffering of the ordinary Israeli who are lately living under the barrage of Hamas’ crude homemade rockets. Though the Iron Dome has stopped 70% of Hamas rockets, the civilians, however, have to run for protection and shelter in case of failure. Imagine the psychological terror that we have to go through daily with the possibility of occasional scratches from flying debris and damage to our property.

Why the world is obsessed with a large number of dead and running Palestinian for their lives and ruined buildings all around them from our laser guided precision rocket attacks. We admit (but also proud) of our military assets, manpower and intelligence, which is most sophisticated, advanced and unparalleled to all the fire power of the Middle East put together.

We have no comments on lop sided war, but it is Palestinians’ own choosing. One can say David and Goliath in reality: stone throwing Palestinians (most of them children and teenagers) against the highly trained army with most sophisticated and deadly firepower. As Israel is marching not against Palestinians’ refugee camps, but to attack an advanced European country.

We are so humane and generous because we fully understand the sufferings of Palestinians. After all, it was not too long ago when we lost six million of our people in Holocaust. And throughout history, we suffered massacre, pain and deprivation from creeds of all kinds in one way or the other. We were displaced from our own land and had to wander thousands of years across the world while we were rightly the owner of the Holy land of Judea and Samaria.

How the world can forget Arabs and Palestinians hostility and continued wars against Israel once we came back to our promised land about 70 years ago. Look at the generosity that we created some rooms for Palestinians. When we took back the House which rightly belonged to us, we at least gave them not only one but two toilets (Gaza and West Bank). They should learn to live within their means as rest of us in this world do.

A few of our own lunatics (mostly Lefties) question the morality and wisdom of our compassion, when we tell Gaza civilians to leave home and go. They question, go but where? Gaza is as crowded as the downtown of New York or Los Angeles. Millions of people are cramped (actually trapped) in a few miles area, surrounded by Israel or Egypt borders and all borders completely sealed.

They further argue that it is not like a typical American family (maximum four people) living in a suburb of a two story house, front and backyard with a total area of more than 5,000 square feet.  Each neighborhood surrounded by parks, parking lots, strip malls and open areas. If anything happens, one can easily take protection and go to a safe area. But this is not our problem. It is Hamas which gets pleasure by inflicting pain and suffering on its own people. (Note that key reasons for recent Hamas rocket launch on Israel as reported in New York Times – stopping payment of salaries to thousands of Gaza civil servants from months because we control the purse, further tightening the suffocating border closures on both sides of Israel and Egypt – are fallacies.)

They forget that before dropping the deadliest rockets and bombs on a civilian population on the crowded and crammed residential apartments and shops, we give sufficient time: announce and drop leaflets an hour ahead in targeted areas, then send text messages, then drop only mini bombs at the roof of buildings. It is only after taking these pain taking measures and exactly after four minutes we flatten the buildings, with the objective of destroying deep underground tunnels where Hamas have hoarded their rockets. What else do you expect from any human being to do, especially those who have faced Holocaust just recently?

Don’t blame us. How stupid and suicidal Palestinians are that despite these warnings, Hamas militants are hiding among women and children in mosques and homes along with their rocket launchers. Why Hamas don’t have a well defined military zone with a regular army and rocket launchers clearly visible as we have. (Tough luck if they don’t have the space, equipment and resources for a regular army.) It is their own choice for living in the biggest open prison on the earth indefinitely and having same desires as that of free people. We will love to provide them all facilities if they decide to move any country who is willing to take them.

The world has no idea how to keep human life record. It considers each human life at par. The fact is that population of Israeli Jew is six million, while of Arab League is 369 million. By July 20,UN reported that 300 people were killed in Gaza: 70-80% were civilians (mostly children and women), but at least 20% (60 in number) were still Hamas militants. World should focus on 13 soldiers we lost. Based on ME Arab population (only Gaza or Palestinian population is NOT relevant for our purpose), we have lost 12.5 times more. Again, we are the victims but world fails to see.

© Mahmood Iqbal and 2014


About Mahmood Iqbal

An Economist (PhD) and a Professor (Part-time) at the Carleton University, Canada. The author of "No PhDs Please: This is Canada." Besides doing research on serious economic and policy issues for the last 25 years, like to write journalistic pieces on subjects of interest. An amateur Photographer. ... Blog appears to be appropriate venue to post my wondering thoughts without any peer pressure and academic review process.
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